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University of Waterloo :: reddit (/r/uwaterloo)

[University of Waterloo] - Not in any way related to UW administration.

Do you need help? Here's a list of emergency number from UW Counselling Services, some available 24 hrs/day.

Check out the Wiki for frequently asked questions and more


  • Global reddit rules apply.

  • No personally identifiable information of others without permission: real names, personal Facebook pages, place of residence, or even graduating class and major. Exception: already public information, such as contact information available on university web sites.

  • No explicit sharing or insinuation of illegal information and activities, especially drug dealing (e.g., asking for dealers or asking for other people to do drugs with).

  • Promotions: will be removed at moderators' discretion, even if they are relevant to UW students or alumni. /r/uwaterloo is a forum for news and discussion relevant to the university. If you want to post commercial deals, links to store fronts, or for-profit events, please clearly state your association. Not doing this will likely get the post removed; on the other hand, doing this does not necessarily guarantee that the post is kept alive.

  • Note: please report things that violate these rules.

Relevant links:

/r/Waterloo - local news and discussion

/r/CScareerquestions - For career-related questions in CS or similar field (but don't hesitate to ask here if desired)

/r/renison - New Renison-related subreddit.

/r/uwVelocity - Specific subreddit for Velocity Media Incubator.

/r/uwaterloojerk - Take all trolling and circle jerking here.

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