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A sub-reddit for Valkyria Chronicles

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For discussion of all Valkyria Chronicles related games, anime, and news on PS3, PSP, or video.

Feel free to post:

  • Questions/Comments about the games

  • Art and doujinshi

  • Links to guides

  • News and pre-order info

Please add a tag in square brackets to the end of the title which is pertinent to the post. For instance "New Game Released [PS3]"

Release Information

Valkyria Chronicles 4:

Platforms: PS4 / Switch / Xbox One

JPN Release Dates:

[PS4] 2018-03-21

[Switch] Summer 2018

NA/EUR Release Dates:


Useful Links

Valkyria Revolutions Free DLC Schedule

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Fan Translation Project

Valkyria Chronicles 2 Bonus Content Passwords

Valkyria franchise Japanese Portal

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