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Vegan fitness

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About This Subreddit

  • Please read the rules before you participate.

  • Vegans get a lot of stick. Not least, this comes in the fitness department. This subreddit is for all the vegans out there who like to keep healthy. Learn about the vegan lifestyle and how it incorporates health and fitness, and educate others.

  • Get involved and discuss meal plans, training methods, ask questions, give vegan progress reports etc. regardless of your sport.


  • links

  • subreddits

  • /r/vegan

  • /r/fitness

  • /r/veganrecipes

  • /r/bodyweightfitness

  • /r/flexibility

  • /r/posture

  • /r/running

  • /r/martialarts

  • /r/GripTraining

  • /r/Meditation

  • /r/Dance

  • /r/triathlon

  • /r/yoga

  • /r/HIIT

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