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vertical comics

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Welcome to /r/vertical

A vertical comic is comprised of a series of images taken from a scene that tells a story using captions/reaction-shots and contains a punchline.


> Only post vertical comics. No memes, adviceanimals or image macros stacked on each other. > Your vertical comic must use the correct format. > If you are unsure if a vertical contains the correct format message a mod. > Tag all NSFW content. > Criticism is accepted, however, blatant attacks on other users are not. This also applies to trolling. > Report any inappropriate content or submissions that break the rules and/or message the mods.

>Any breach of the rules will result in a warning, with further breaches resulting in a ban. Complete disregard for the sub, its users and the mods will result in an instant ban.

Making Vertical Comics

> They should be displayed vertically, contain continuity and be several frames in length. > The frames of vertical comics should be taken from scenes in movies/programs, videos or events. > Each frame should be captioned. ~~NEW~~ ~~with the exception of the final frame which is a silent reaction frame~~. No silent frame necessary anymore. > In other cases, alternate set-ups can be used such as having more than one silent frame and/or positioning them differently, or having no silent frame at all (so long as there is a punchline). > The most important aspect of vertical comics is re-usability. Vertical comic templates should allow the use of more than just one joke, however, the odd variation is accepted. > Do not quote scenes word for word. > Read this post to familiarize yourself with what a good vertical looks like and see here for a full description of vertical comics. > See here for details on where to host your verticals.


>Users can obtain flair by making certain posts.

>Templater: Tag posts as [T]

> Make an original (your own) template. > Template must be used by at least 3 other users. >* Each of these submissions must receive over 300 karma.

>Captioner: Tag posts as [C]

> Caption an existing/original template. > Captions must be original. >* Post must receive over 1000 karma.


>* Earn the first two flairs.

>Once the requirements have been achieved, message the mods with the related posts and await your flair.

>See here for more info.


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