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VideoEssay: A subreddit for analytic videos and supercuts

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What is a Video Essay?

  • The increasingly popular form called "video essay" is constantly evolving. Our definition is purely arbitrary, and may be rightfully disagreed with, but the intention is to best serve the community by featuring videos that users are likely to be looking for when they search for "video essays."

  • For the purposes of this sub, we define a video essay as a written essay that is read aloud over video accompaniment which seeks to analyze some media text (tv, film, music, art, speech, etc).

Supercuts are also a form of video essay, but must serve to analyze a particular aspect of a work or person’s body of works. For instance, a mash-up or Top 10 list are not supercuts.


  • Content: All submissions must adhere to the sub's definition of a video essay.

  • Conduct: This is a community who shares an appreciation for pop culture, music, art, and analysis. Disagreements are sure to occur, but treat each other with respect.

  • Self-Promotion: Essayists may post their own content. Currently there is no restriction on time between posts, but don’t go crazy.

Creators are expected to engage with the community, pose questions to the community, leave comments on other creators’ posts, and so on. Esssayists who have a habit of simply “hit and run” posting will likely be considered spam and will be removed.

  • Titles: All submissions must follow the title convention: [Found/OC] Title [MM:SS]

  • Criticism: Thoughtful and respectful discussions only. Low effort complaints such as "This is bad" or "This isn't a video essay" will be removed. If you truly believe that the video does not conform to our very loose definition, submit a report or message the mods.

  • Reposts: To keep a link from being posted too soon or too often, a submission will be removed if it has already been submitted in the last three months or twice in the last year.

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