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Vintage Audio

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For people who just can't get enough of that warm vintage sound! Post, discuss, and learn about the excellent audio gear of past generations.

  • Turntables
  • Receivers
  • Tube Amps
  • Tuners
  • Reel-to-Reel
  • Speakers
  • Consoles
  • Components
  • & more!

Showcase your vintage Hi-Fi setup. Ask about the vintage gear you found at your thrift or on Craigslist. Get tips and tricks from other users. Find resources to help you with your gear.

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How-To Guides

External Resources (section)

Help us decide what goes here! Looking for links to various vintage audio parts, repair, service, and information sources.

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/r/vintageaudio Classic gear from 1950's - 80's

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/r/audiorepair Questions, advice, and discussions for repairing your gear

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/r/AVrequests Looking for something? Ask!

/r/CarAV Strictly Mobile Audio & Video

/r/diyaudio Audio Projects & talk For the DIY'er (unmoderated)

/r/diysound Audio Projects & talk For the DIY'er (moderated)

/r/diyTubes Tube specific DIY projects & talk

/r/headphones General headphone discussion

/r/hometheater For the HomeTheater lovers

/r/ReelToReel Reel-to-Reel gear exclusively

/r/soundsystem PA's, Concert Rigs, Road Gear

/r/TubePorn Galleries of Tube Gear

/r/TurntablePorn High-Res shots of beautiful turntables

/r/VintagePortableAudio The best of vintage portable gear: portable cassette players; boomboxes; discman; and more

/r/vinyl Anything and Everything about Turntables & Records


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