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Weaponized Consumers

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Since our elected officials have chosen to represent corporate interests, let us make ourselves heard by the corporations. Our goal is to exert pressure on the propaganda machines masquerading as journalism, in the spirit of the defunct Fairness Doctrine.

Fox News and Breitbart are using propaganda to weaponize Americans against one another and we have had enough. You can find a list of companies that advertize on Fox News and Breitbart from these sites:

Grab Your Wallet

Media Matters

Sponsor Feedback

This only works if we focus on just 2-3 businesses at a time. A concentrated collective boycott of products that we can easily do without.

We'll announce our first targets on January 1st, 2018 at the official launch of this campaign, with a list of all their products pinned to the top of the subreddit. You can also download the BuycottTrump app for IOS, which will allow you to scan items in the grocery store to check if they're on our blacklist.

For now just spread the word.


1) No Threats of Violence

2) No Garbage Sources

3) No Language Using Deprecating Words of Bigotry

4) No witch hunting other users

5) No memes or low effort posts

6) No use of "BREAKING" or ALL CAPS in titles.

7) If you're still a Trump supporter at this point, you probably don't belong here. But know that we are fighting for you, not against you.




Grab Your Wallet

Stop Funding Hate

BuycottTrump App for IOS

Sleeping Giants - @slpng_giants

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