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For those that met that special someone online

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> ##No soliciting. If you are from a casting company, need to do a questionnaire, or any kind of survey, please do not post that here. This is a community, not a focus group.

> ##About this subreddit r/wemetonline is a subreddit for giving and receiving advice, venting frustrations and sharing stories about that special someone you met online. Just because you haven't touched him or her physically doesn't mean that your love is any less real.

When you make a connection with someone that you haven't met it can be hard to explain to the people immediately around you what that feels like without them fearing for your safety and feeling like you're going to be scammed. We're all going through it here, so we know exactly how you feel.

Even if you've met your SO you are still welcome to post and share your stories! You haven't magically graduated our little family because of it!

> We're a very open community, but abuse, bullying and rudeness for the sake of rudeness will not be tolerated and will result in a subreddit ban.

> ##Advice Post Requirements If you're looking for advice from the community please include the following information in the body of your post.

  1. Ages: This is so we tailor the advice to your age range. The advice we'd give to a 15 year old is very different to a 25 year old. ~
  2. Length of Relationship: Is it a new baby relationship, or have you known each other for years? ~
  3. Your Meetup Status: Are you nevermets? Have you met once? Do you have plans to meet, or have you never talked about it?

> ##Update Post Requirements Please include a link to your previous topics so we can follow along with your story!

> ##No Crossposting Links. Feel free to post your story or question from another subreddit, we're happy to give you another perspective. But please do not direct link from other subreddits. Instead copy and paste the text into a new topic here. All topics that crosspost link will be removed.

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