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/r/whiskey: Whiskeys of the world. Discussion, reviews, articles, photos. Anything goes, including bourbon, scotch, rye, wheat, Canadian, Irish, white dogs, and everything in between.

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  1. /r/whiskey is not a platform for free advertising. Spammy posts to your blog/vlog/business/website/etc... will be removed. More info here.

  2. No NSFW submissions.

  3. No Memes

  4. Posts should contain whiskey-related content in the link/post body. When posting pictures, we prefer you include some form of context to encourage discussion.

  5. No URL shorteners (, tinyurl, etc).

  6. Respect others participating in the sub/maintain civil discourse. Do not scorn others' tastes. Critical evaluation of a whiskey is fine, but avoid insult and mockery.

  7. No trading, buying, or selling alcohol. Comments and posts soliciting alcohol sales and trades will be removed.

  8. No requests for dating, valuing or "any other info about" an unusual or old bottle of whiskey. Read this post to learn more about valuing and dating bottles.

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