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WiFi News and Happenings

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Subreddit Rules

1: No self-promotion.

Links to personal Blogs and How-To's are allowed as long as they are relevant and/or cite credible sources. When in doubt, consult Reddits guide on self-promotion.

2: Explain your Problem.

No "The Title says it all". If you want people to take the time to help you with your problem, take the time to explain it to them properly. The better you describe your issues, the better we will be able to help you.

3: We are not here to fix problems with your Internet Service Provider.

WiFi and Internet access are two different things. While questions about Internet access generally wont be deleted, they have a better chance of being answered in /r/cellphonedeal/ or /r/techsupport.

4: Read the sticky.

It contains a lot of answers to commonly asked questions. If your post was removed but you feel like your question has not been answered by the FAQ, feel free to resubmit your question with a [RESUB] tag.

5: We are not here to help you gain access to networks without the permission of the owner.

Factual articles about vulnerabilities in WiFi are welcome!

6: Help others by marking your Problems as solved!

Please reply that an answer has solved your ploblem, if it has done so. If you were able to do it yourself, please write down how you were able to. Many others who stumble about this sub might profit!

If you dont get the Help you expected here consider xPosting your questions to

  • /r/80211 for questions about the IEEE standart
  • /r/wireless for non-wifi compliant wireless technology
  • /r/homenetworking for questions about wired and wireless networks
  • /r/techsupport for general tech problems

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