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woahdude! psychedelic!

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What is WoahDude material?

What is WoahDude?

The best links to click while you're stoned!

Psychedelic, mind-bending, mesmerizing, reality-distorting, or trippy games, video, audio & images that make a sober person feel stoned, or stoned person trip harder!

No one wants to have to sift through the entire internet for fun links when they're stoned - so make this your one-stop shop!

  • We are NOT a "reaction subreddit".

  • We are NOT a subreddit about interesting or amazing content.

  • We are NOT interchangeable with /r/pics, /r/gifs, /r/damnthatsinteresting or other general subreddits.

  • We are specifically made for PSYCHEDELIC CONTENT, trippy or mesmerizing stuff that will make a sober person feel stoned, or stoned person trip harder! We're not about posting things that are merely neat or amazing, but instead, things that sort of mess with your mind, warp your reality.

Mindfucks and self-inflicted gaslighting. Or the hypnotic or mesmerising. Vivid colors, intense patterns. Mind-blowing science and philosophy. Chill or trippy music. Surrealism, absurdism and strangeness.

Think of the bizarre, erratic and psychedelic nature of Adult Swim. Or the wondrous, mind-expanding, awe-inspiring nature of Carl Sagan's Cosmos. Or even the reality distorting, confusing, mind-fucking nature of Eternal Darkness for Gamecube. We're all of that.

Here's a ⇨ more in-depth explanation


Rules | | Description ---------|----------|---------- 0. WOAHDUDE MATERIAL only| | ALLOWED: Trippy or mesmerising content that meets our listed WoahDude criteria. This is not a mere "reaction subreddit". Don't post content just because it makes you literally say the words 'woah dude'. NOT ALLOWED: Rare talents, stunts, extreme human abilities, 1-in-a-million shots, sports highlights. Things that are merely cool, amazing or unusual, but not in any psychedelic way. 1. NO TOXIC BEHAVIOR!| | Inconsiderate behavior is not compatible with the relaxed stoner atmosphere of our subreddit. Breaking this rule may result in a no-warning ban. Trolling, vote brigading, comment brigading, drama brigading, baiting, harassing, taunting, insulting, spoiling, being antagonistic or needlessly bothering users or mods or will not be tolerated. Be chill & please giggle like a giraffe :) 2. LINK FLAIR & DESCRIPTIVE TITLES are mandatory | |Your post must use the correct link flair. Adding flair after a removal may not get your post approved. Note that .GIF is not allowed. Titles must describe the content. "woah" or "this is trippy" is not a proper description. 3. WARNING TAGS are mandatory | | When applicable you must include warning tags for [bad vibes] or [epilepsy] in your title. There is no flair for it. If you fail to include it in the title, your post will simply be removed and depending on the severity of the infraction you may be banned. Also toggle NSFW or SPOILER flair when applicable. 4. No GIFs allowed ||You may instead post soundless animations in gifv, webm or mp4 formats. Here's why. 5. Only certain reposts are allowed | | Learn more about our repost policy here. Reposts that aren't allowed may be reported via report button or modmail. 6. No low-effort submissions | | That includes quasi reposts, low quality files, and uninteresting content. (learn more) 7. Freebooting is banned | | Would you like to know more? 8. Use direct links | | End the bullshit. 9. XPOST labels are banned | |Crossposts (also known as XPOSTS) are fine, just don't label them as such.

REPORT A REPOST with this modmail form and the offending repost will be removed ASAP. Frequent offenders will also be banned. Note: Crossposts do not count as reposts.

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