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Woodworking: all things made from trees.

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New to woodworking? Welcome! Check out the Frequently Asked Questions which includes answers to common questions and links to other resources


/r/woodworking is a forum that encourages the respectful exchange of woodworking knowledge and projects. Before hitting submit, check that your content doesn't violate the rules below:

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  • No reposting old/popular links with the intent of karma farming. Upon profile review, Karma Grabbers will be permanently banned for a single offense.
  • Don't be rude. Add value or move along.
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2x4 challenge winner: /u/Danmeister33 - Wooden hand plane

Holiday Contest (small projects): /u/Salvador_Dalliant - Lincoln logs

Holiday Contest (Housewares): /u/grahamvinyl - Argyle and brick cutting boards

Holiday Contest (Wearable items): /u/p2p_editor - Wooden Barrettes

Something that holds something contest: /u/captianinsano - Jewelry box

Woodwhisperer contest runner up: /u/worldfirstanalrapist - chest of drawers

Woodwhisperer contest winner: /u/caddis789 - gadget/TV stand

Outdoor contest winner: /u/AngoraRabbits - for the birdhouse

Highland woodworking Shop Stuff Contest winner: /u/tatafornow - table saw/router table/storage

Handtool only contest winner: /u/ende76 - Coffee table

Plywood challenge: /u/PSU_STIG - Plywood coffee table

Tool Chest and Cabinet Challenge: /u/abnormal_human - Plane cabinet

Firewood Challenge /u/givemehelll - Turned bowl and lidded box

Transforming furniture Challenge - /u/NaCl_H2O- Federal Card Table

Haloween Challenge - /u/Jerome-Baldino- Gothic Pumpkin Candy Cabinet


/u/jakkarth explains how to buy wood in extreme detail, a useful primer for new folks.

/u/joelav gives the low down on different types of wood finishes.

/u/shazapple proper breadboard ends are important

/u/abnormal_human Lays out learning to dovetail by hand

/u/screwikea has some good info on the basics of hand planes

/u/ExpOriental wrote up a guide to measuring/layout tools

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