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America (/r/Americana)

A reddit devoted to the geography, history, folklore, and culture of America and her states.

559 subscribers - a community for 5 years - last post 13 days ago [+]

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Anthropology: The best 4 fields ever. (/r/Anthropology)

Anthropology is the study of humans in the past and present. It draws on the humanities as well as social, biological, and physical sciences. Historically, anthropologists in the United States study one of four topics, or sub-fields: sociocultural anthropology, biological/physical anthropology, archaeology, and linguistics.

r/Anthropology Guidelines:

Post your interesting linguistic, archaeology, sociocultural, and biological anthropology links.

Feel free to ask questions, but search our Frequently Asked Questions List to see if your question has been answered previously. For book recommendations check the Recommended Reading Page of our wiki.

Please do not submit blogspam, pseudoscience, memes, or dinosaurs.

Please keep this community civil and respectful. Report any hostile behavior, prejudiced comments, and off-topic posts. Racism will not be tolerated.

Apply for expert flair in this thread.

Read more about anthropology here:

What is Anthropology?

Professional Anthropology Associations

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Art (/r/Art)
  1. Support your fellow redditors in r/artstore!

Post what inspires you! r/art is a community of art lovers that share their favorite pieces, news or information that will impact the art community. Please review the community guidelines before posting.

New to reddit? click here!

Check out r/art's Life Hacks!

Banner: "Erudition," Installation piece by Kelly Richardson, 2010

IRC: Need help or just want to chat join us in #art

Community Guidelines:

  • Please edit your flair to tell us your qualifications or specialty, but follow the guidelines. Using non r/art related flair will result in a ban.

Title Formatting Guidelines:

Titles should be to the point, and all extraneous information or context should be added in the comments. Make sure to follow the following title format or else your post may be removed.

  • Your artwork - "Title, medium, size"

  • Another artist's work - "Title, Artist, medium, Year"

  • Album of artworks - "Title, medium"

  • An album without a title and the medium changes between - "Collection of my (or another artist's) work."

  • A news article - "Title, Year"

  • Discussions should always be made as a self post. Expand on your question in the text and include image examples where possible.

Submission Do's:

  • Add flair after submitting your post by clicking on the "Please Add Flair to Your Post" red button, and then select whether it is an "Artwork," "Article," "Discussion," etc. If you are looking for feedback and critique please add the "Artwork C&C" flair.

  • Credit the artist and provide a link to their site in the comments when possible.

Submission Don'ts:

  • Do not post links to blogs - the only article posts accepted are ones to reputable news sites. Refer to this post for more information.

  • Do not make multiple posts instead of an album, and do not re-post your work unless otherwise told to.

  • Do not state it's your first time using a medium in the title and do not write 'Hey Reddit', 'What do you think?' 'A ____ I did' or any variation or be subjective in the title ("awesome work," "amazing piece" etc). Do not mention your 'cake day' or use karma-bait titles.

  • Do not submit work that is a sketch, a doodle or an unfinished work (unless it is a discussion looking for help on how to finish). Post those to other subreddits like /r/IDAP, /r/sketches, /r/doodles instead.

  • Do not post memes. Those who post melted crayon 'art' will be banished.

  • No requests for tattoos or artwork commissions, and links to pages selling work should be submitted to another subreddit such as /r/artstore or /r/designjobs.

Comment Guidelines:

  • Don't leave comments like 'That's great!' Upvote instead if you can't add to the conversation. Comments must be on topic and not a meme or joke. Strive to add to the topic.

  • Don't engage in personal attacks, hate speech or racism.

  • Upvote comments that leave honest constructive criticism (even if it's negative criticism).

  • Do not complain about downvotes because you feel they're undeserved, especially straight after posting.


  • The mods reserve the right to remove submissions that aren't high quality, this is both in the quality of the submission and quality of the photograph. We realize this is subjective, so consider posting in /r/IDAP or one of the other art related subreddits listed here if you're not sure.

  • If you see any posts or comments that go against these guidelines, report them by clicking the "report" button or messaging the moderators directly here.

  • If your post does not show up, it may have been caught in the spam filter. Please message the moderators and we'll be happy to look into it.

An expanded version of the guidelines

Art-related subreddits you might enjoy

Submit your own work

Submit another artist's work

Submit a news article

Submit a question/discussion

2,368,831 subscribers - a community for 7 years - last post 9 days ago [+]

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BlackCulture (/r/blackculture)

Uniting and Empowering our People

Check out the Official r/BlackCulture Anthem: Nature of the Threat by Rass Kass

MISSION:Re-Branding the Black Culture "brand"

r/BlackCulture is THE subreddit for all things relating to Black Culture whether it be:

  • Black History
  • All Styles of Black music, new and old
  • Black art and artists, independent and famous
  • And Black opinion on current events
  • We are also a hub of debate over issues which face The Black Community from within and without.

Follow some simple rules

  • Do not harass or abuse your fellow users or you will be banned.
  • If you are here to provoke or incite the regular users of this sub with racist and/or offensive comments - you will be reported and you will be banned. You know who you are.

  • We will ban you if we discover that you have made extremely problematic comments/posts in other subreddits.

  • Posts from throwaway accounts will be removed.

All are welcome to participate openly. Feel free to add in, we offer and accept a little bit of everything.

Other Black Subreddits:

| Brotherhood|Connect | | |:--|:--|--:| | 100BlackMen | BlackPower | BlackinAmerica | | BlackAtheism | BlackFellas | AfricanAmerican | | AfroTradition | BlackArts | BlackHistPhotos |


Black History Special: RealBlackHistorySeries!

1,673 subscribers - a community for 6 years - last post today [+]
criticism: discussing works of art and literature as though they matter (/r/criticism)

Bring us your most contentious opinions, but be ready to back them. Submit links to reviews that astonish and bewilder. Arguing about a work is how we indicate its vitality.

Books, comics, movies, music, painting, poetry, video games: whatever. If it moves, kill it.

Assume spoilers.

To get the artists' points of view, try interview.

A DepthHub associated subreddit. See also: ArtsHub.

4,628 subscribers - a community for 4 years - last post 2 months ago [+]

this reddit has been tagged:

Cultural Exchange (/r/culturalexchange)

A subreddit for the exchange of the ideas and practices of different cultures, modern or ancient. Post about anything from the dental practices of the ancient Romans to the the dance and ritual of modern suburbia to the philosophical and ethical beliefs of heartland China.

Please respect all practices, no matter how ridiculous they may sound. What is common in your culture may sound absurd to another

16 subscribers - a community for 4 years - last post 6 months ago [+]

this reddit has been tagged:

Everything about Thailand (/r/EverythingThai)

All about Thailand: stories, news items, food, culture, people, Thai women, attractions, sites of interest, articles, etc. Everything about Thailand and Thais!

156 subscribers - a community for 6 years - last post 2 years ago [+]
Freethought: Scientific pursuit of the truth. (/r/Freethought)

More than atheism: dedicated to rational, logical and scientific examination of culture, politics, religion, science, business and more!

Help PROMOTE /r/Freethought ! We are currently ranked in the 600s of most popular Subreddits.. can you help us get more subscribers and spread the word about science, evidence and rational, logical examination of our world? Tell your friends about /r/Freethought :)

NOTE: This is not a "philosophy forum" unless it specifically relates to science and skepticism. Do not confuse "free thought" with "freethought".

Remember, downvote stories based on the quality of the content, not whether you agree or disagree with the statement. For more info on Reddiquitte, see voting guidelines.

Other Fun Subreddits

  • /r/conspiratard
  • /r/atheism
  • /r/skeptic
  • /r/IDrawMuhammad (there can be no freedom of anything without the freedom to offend)
41,360 subscribers - a community for 6 years - last post today [+]

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hiphop truth: spread the knowledge (/r/hiphoptruth)

underground subversive revolutionary hiphop

related subreddits

more info

2,367 subscribers - a community for 5 years - last post 1 day ago [+]

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History (/r/history)

>>> - 1
>>> - 2
>>> - 3
>>> - 4
>>> - 5
>>> - 6
>>> - 7
>>> - 8
>>> - 9
>>> - 10
>>> - 11


>>> ### Experiment: From Feb 16 until Feb 23 /r/history will be World War 2 free.

New to reddit? click here!

/r/History is a place for discussions about history. Feel free to submit interesting articles, tell us about this cool book you just read, or start a discussion about who everyone's favorite figure of minor French nobility is!

View Image Galleries

Watch Video Clips

Read AMAs

An introduction to /r/history

Subreddit rules:

  1. Be nice!
    Personal attacks, abusive language, trolling or bigotry in any form is not allowed and will be removed. No hate material, be it submissions or comments, are accepted.
  2. No politics or soapboxing.
    Submissions that are overtly political will be removed; political topics are only acceptable if discussed in a historical context. Comments should discuss a historical topic, not advocate an agenda. This is entirely at the moderators' discretion and violators will be fed to the bear.
  3. Post in the right subreddit.
    Direct image links belong in /r/historyporn, specific questions go to /r/askhistorians, and homework questions go to /r/homeworkhelp. Obvious personal blogs, history journals, academic publications you've worked on and want to post multiple updates from should go into /r/historyblogs. These submission types will be removed from /r/history.
  4. Follow the rules of reddit.
    Don't spam, manipulate votes, doxx, or post illegal content.
  5. Post from the original site.
    Spam is not acceptable. Blogspam, if it is original content should go into /r/historyblogs.
  6. Follow reddiquette and remember the human.
  7. Comments should be on-topic and contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way.
  8. When submitting link posts, leave a description, in a comment, following your submission.
    Focus on the quality, subject, authority, etc. Be the one that starts the discussion!
  9. Self Posts require a descriptive body text.
    When submitting a self post you should expand a little bit on the title in order to get the discussion started. For example: When submitting a question you can expand on what motivated you to ask the question.
  10. This is an actively moderated subreddit, calls will be made at the moderator's discretion.

Our rules explained in-depth

Subreddit guidelines:

  1. Use that report button!
    In the end, we rely on you, the users, to ensure this subreddit works. If you see something that violates these rules, Please Report It! If you have questions or concerns, please message us via the mod mail feature.
  2. Try to avoid reposting by using reddit's search function.
  3. Downvote for irrelevancy, low content, or unhelpful content. Upvote for rich and interesting content.
  4. Titles of links should accurately describe the content, and not be sensationalized or misleading. Rule of thumb: for serious articles the original headline often is the best choice. When in doubt message the mods before submitting your link.
  5. Blogspam: If you run a history website, or work with a historical publication and want to publish repeat posts from there, put them in /r/historyblogs

Our guidelines explained in-depth

Upcoming history related IAMA threads

Date | Subreddit | Title | Person |:---|:---|:---|---:

Previous IAMA's done in /r/History.

The /r/History Wiki Pages

Our read, listen & watch list

A History Network Member

HistoryNetwork's list of subreddits

Join the /r/History IRC chat!

Contact the /r/History moderators

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Interview (/r/interview)
  • Fascinating, unexpected things pop up in interviews. They give politicians a chance to go off-script, scientists an opportunity to speculate in ways that they probably shouldn't, artists a venue in which to extemporize, and interviewers the power to challenge their subjects.

  • For maximum impact, use the title of your submission to highlight an unexpected quotation that piqued your interest in the interview to which you're linking.

  • This subreddit focuses on in-depth, thoughtful interviews. Please carefully consider the quality of your submission before posting.

Similar reddits:

  1. IAmA
  2. RedditorOfTheDay
  3. SubredditOfTheDay
  4. BadInterviews
  5. ArtistOfTheDay <-- New!

Do not link to articles about job interviews. They will be removed as spam, and the spam filter will form an ugly bias against your account.

8,916 subscribers - a community for 5 years - last post 2 days ago [+]

this reddit has been tagged:

Naruto: The Manga and Anime Series... And an ingredient in ramen. (/r/Naruto)
  2. Anime 401 Discussion
  3. Best of Naruto 2014
  4. The Last Discussion
  5. No Spoiler Threads
  6. No Animated Banner

Submit a Post!
Read our Wiki!


> No spoilers in titles!

> Use spoiler tags for anything that hasn't been revealed in the anime yet.

> Maximum of one link-based submission per user per day.

> Don't post links to plain panels, pages, screenshots, gifs, gfycats, webms or scenes from the manga & anime. If you want to point out something you spotted or want to discuss a scene, submit it as a self post.

> Titles should be appropriate and descriptive.

> No hentai. Use the hentai subreddit for that.

> Posts should be directly related to Naruto.

> Fan art must give credit to the creator.

> Do not post bigoted, creepy, misogynistic, transphobic, racist, homophobic or otherwise shitty comments. This includes using slurs as personal attacks or insults.

> Kindly refrain from trolling in the sub.


> Mods reserve the right to remove posts if necessary.

> Link-based submissions will be restricted for 24 hours after a manga release.

> Avoid making separate posts about the latest chapter for 24 hours after the release to prevent the subreddit from getting flooded with posts. The discussion thread is the place to discuss the chapter.

>##How to use Spoiler Tags

> How to apply spoiler tags to posts.

> How to apply the spoiler tag in comments:

> [Spoilers](#s "Put your text here")

> Spoilers

> Don't forget the quotation marks or the black bars won't show!

>##Miscellaneous Info

> Read the Manga!

> Watch the Anime!

> The Colored Chapters!

>MegaThread of Translated Kishimoto interviews!

> The IRC!

> Tournaments!

> Get User Flair!

> Other Naruto Subreddits!

> Other Anime/Manga Subreddits!

> Where is the Anime in relation to the Manga?

Events|Dates :---|---: Naruto Movie - "The Last" | December 6 2014 |

56,468 subscribers - a community for 5 years - last post 1 day ago [+]
What Reddit would be like if Literature, Mythology, Movies... were real (/r/RedditThroughCulture)

Let's pretend that events from Mythology, Literature, Movies, Comics, Games, Songs or Paintings (etc.) just happened!

This filthy little Hobbit stole your precious? There is a problem with your Tiberium Harvester's navigation system? Actually, you like to talk about Fight Club? You got the new ARES Predator IV as a present in this year's Secret Santa, Chummer? You were embarrassed by the impertinence of Mr. Darcy and Zeus cheated on you, again? Let us know!

Pretend that events from Mythology, Literature, Movies, Comics, Games, Songs or Paintings are happening now and you are making a reddit post about it.

This reddit is inspired by:

796 subscribers - a community for 3 years - last post 9 months ago [+]
Religion in America (/r/ReligionInAmerica)

For discussion from all points of view on the topic of the impact and nature of religion in American society. Also check out Church and State and ReligionHub.

-- User flair come to Religion in America. Get your flair here

User flair and template by teresita from AK

  1. New User flairs for /r/Religion in America
1,156 subscribers - a community for 5 years - last post 3 months ago [+]
as deep as the world is wide (/r/worldevents)

Worldevents is dedicated to fleshing out the historical, political and cultural context of current events.

  • Rules and guidelines:
  • The focal point of any submission should be what it adds to our depth of understanding regarding a current event, beyond the facts that would be presented in a basic newspaper article.
  • All links to breaking stories or plain reportage will be removed at the mods' discretion. When submitting links to articles with 10 paragraphs or less, the submission title should specify what it adds beyond bare reportage.
  • Submissions that ask readers to make a donation, sign a petition, or spread the word about a particular cause are considered advocacy posts, and will be removed by the moderators. Please down vote and report advocacy posts. >
  • Submissions will be removed by the moderators if the title features descriptive terms, or issues claims, not made in the content of the linked-to article or media.
  • Questions submitted to the new queue must be submitted as text.posts. Only essay- and discussion-style questions will be allowed. Do not title a submission with a rhetorical question.
  • Photos and collections of photos are not allowed. Submit them to \/r\/photoessay instead. >
  • Help make worldevents better: Vote for depth, and note the notable. > Votes should take into account more than just the title. >
  • TROLLING - DON'T. Comments that add nothing to meaningful, civil discussion will be removed. People that detract from meaningful, civil discussion will be banned, with no prior warning having to be given. Instead of responding to trolling and bigoted comments, use the report button to report them to the moderators.
  • Do not post highly partisan political news.
  • Do not editorialize titles.
  • Subreddit drama is not welcome.

The following "vote fader" ranks subjects according to how appropriate they are for this reddit. If you'd like to help keep worldevents on topic, give up votes to submissions with topics in the "hot" section of the map, and down votes to submissions with topics in the "cold" section.

  1. ↑↑↑↑↑
  2. In-depth analysis of current events
  3. Highly detailed explanations
  4. Informative discussion
  5. Perspective-altering insights
  6. Short-form and breaking news
  7. Advocacy posts
  8. Comments that discourage discussion
  9. Memes
  10. ↓↓↓↓↓

Also check out:

DepthHub | photoessay | StateOfTheUnion | TrueReddit | RightsMedia | USANews | TruePolitics | Geopolitics

35,558 subscribers - a community for 5 years - last post today [+]