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Xayah Mains

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Welcome to the Xayah Mains sub!

"They say I don't know when to quit. Like that's a weakness."


  1. Please be respectful to others.
  2. Keep all discussions Xayah related.
  3. Please don't advertise your streams here.
  4. Have fun!

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Xayah Clubs

Server - Name - Tag - Owner

Region| Name| Tag| Owner ---|---|----|---- NA | Xayah Mains| Xaya | Xayåh
NA | Other Xayah Mains | Xa/ah | GodilusHimself
NA | Xayah Players| [N/A]|Puppettt
NA | r/XayahMains | r/Xyh | 133
NA | Xaÿah | XYAH | Xaýah the Rebel
NA | Feather's of Xayah | Xyh | CPZirb
NA | Xayah and Rakan | Rayah | Master Goonmaster
EUW | Vastaya's wings | Xayah | Lestara buvelle
EUW | Feather Blades | Xâyâh | Xäyäh The Rebel
EUW | Vastayan Rebels | Xàyah| iVirtue
EUW | Xayah 1Tricks | XaOTP | ProxerTV
EUW | The Charmer and The Rebel | R&X | CE Feathers EUW | Xayah Mains | Xáyah | Nìkki \ Nikkì EUW | Xayah Mains & Rakan Mains | Xa&R | Freakiii EUNE | Xayah Mains | Xáyáh | Fíníto (club full)
EUNE | Xayah | The Rebel | Xąyah | liiidan
OCE | Xayahs Harpies | Harpy | Immortal Fox
OCE | Xàyah Mains | Xàyàh | TheXav TR | Xayah Mains | XAYAH | FeverSpeed
BR | Xayah the Rebel | Xâyâh | Faded Zed
SG/MY | Xayah The Rebel | Xáyah |Featherstorm PBE | Xayah Mains | Xayah | Daniel PBE

>Do you have a Xayah mains club in a region not listed?
>Is your listed Xayah mains club full?
>Please message the mods to have your club added! >Only clubs with at least 20 members will be added.

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