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The Legend of Zelda (/r/zelda)


For those who want to focus on discussion and news only without the extra fluff from r/Zelda. Come join us at /r/TrueZelda.


> # Zelda Subreddits

>>Want to view all the Zelda related subreddits at once? Visit The Zelda Family of Subreddits page.

>> * /r/DADADADA focused on the fabled celebration stance Link is famous for >> * /r/TrueZelda discussion, theories, and news only. >> * /r/hylian based on the language >> * /r/MajorasMask for the game >> * /r/shittyzelda For uh, your circle jerk needs. >> * /r/zeldaconspiracies >> * /r/zeldents >> * /r/ZeldaMemes >> * /r/ZeldaTattoos >> * /r/ZeldaNews >> * /r/ZeldaOoT

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  • Use reddiquette.

  • Use spoiler tags. Comments use this format: [X Kills Y](/spoiler), ex: X Kills Y. Submissions: please add [SPOILERS] to the beginning of your title. Link submission please add #spoilers to the end of the URL before submitting (e.g.


  • Don't re-host other artists work to imgur instead of linking to their original site/deviantart/etc (link to the page, not image). Track down the source by using Google's image search and clicking the camera icon. If you're submitting your own work, mark it as Original Content [OC] in the title so we don't remove it!

  • Don't post something because it bears some semblance of something from a Zelda game (e.g. three triangles in a triforce pattern)

  • Don't create threads to one-up another user's thread (e.g. [FIXED] posts). Instead post your comment in the original thread.

  • Don't post/request links to pirated materials (e.g. roms). Discussing the act of piracy or news is acceptable. Violations will cause removal of comment/thread.

  • Don't attack another user using derogatory/racist/pejorative language. They will be removed without notice.


  • Post memes and tattoos, but it is preferred if you post them in their respective subreddits.

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