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The Legend of Zelda

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/r/zelda is the hub for anything and everything The Legend of Zelda - the iconic Nintendo series. Feel free to share news, reviews, opinions, fan art, humour, comics, or anything else Zelda.

For a smaller community for those who just want to talk about the games, come join us at /r/truezelda.

FILTER: Discussion | Spoilers

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Posting Rules

SURVEYS: OCT '12 | APR '12 | APR '14


  • Feel free to post news about new official merchandise whenever you like but for unofficial goods, or photos of your personal collection, please post them on Merchandise Mondays.

  • Most screenshots are free to be submitted at any time, but the following generic ones are restricted to Screenshot Saturday: opening titles, game overs, file select screens, Dawn of the Next Day, "funny" names for Link and desktop backgrounds.

  • Self-Post Sundays are our main discussion day. On those days we only allow text posts directly about the games themselves.


  • All spoilers must be kept out of titles, and flaired. Comments must use the format [X Kills Y](/spoiler), ex: X Kills Y. Submissions add [SPOILERS] to the beginning of your title.

  • Art must be linked to the source, and not rehosted. If it is your own work then please flair as [OC] Art accordingly.

  • No "low effort" posts. This includes; Memes and reaction gifs, pictures of things that look like they belong to Zelda (Triforce pattern, bombable walls, etc), [FIXED] one upping posts. Visit /r/ZeldaMemes for this type of content.

  • Be civil. Hate speech (slurs/racism), witchhunting and trolling will lead to a ban.

  • No requesting or sharing pirated materials (e.g ROMs).

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